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Tag: Love


Deception The year fades, as the west wind sighs, And droops in many-colored ways, But your soft presence never dies From out the pathway of my days. The spring is where you are; but still You, far away, to me can bring Sweet flowers and dreams enough to fill A thousand empty worlds with spring. I walk the wet and leafless woods, Your spirit ever floats before, And lights its russet solitudes With blossoms summer never wore. I sit beside my lonely fire, The shadows almost bring your face, And light with memory and desire My dull and sombre...

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In The Seed

In The Seed You have chosen coldly to cast away The love they tell you is faithless found. Pity or trust it is vain to pray— Your heart they have hardened, your senses bound. You have broken the wreaths that clasped you round, The strength of the vine and the opening flower: Love, torn and trampled on stony ground, Is left to die in its blossom hour. Well, go your ways; but, wherever they lead, They can not leave me wholly behind. From the flower, as it falls, there falls a seed Whose roots round the roots of life...

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There’s a Green Grave in Ireland

There’s a green grave in Ireland, Where my heart lies buried deep; Where Mary, my fond sweetheart, Rests in her dreamless sleep: We loved when both our hearts were young, And hope throbbed in each breast; But nevermore has hope been mine Since Mary sank to rest! I’ve lived through many weary years, Since on that summer morn Sweet Mary gave her farewell kiss And left me all forlorn: I hear her sweet voice calling me, I have not long to stay; Bright hope will once again be mine When death bids me away! There’s a green grave in...

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