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Authentic Victorian Ice Cream Recipes from Cookery and Housekeeping, 1886

Ice Cream Recipes Source:  Cookery and Housekeeping by a Veteran Housekeeper Published by M. T. Richardson, Publisher, 1886 While some housekeepers prefer the old-fashioned freezer, many others use with very satisfactory results the patent freezer, the best of which we have ever seen is the White Mountain Freezer; it is durable, easily managed and greatly expedites the process of freezing. To freeze cream quickly have the ice pounded into small pieces, put a layer of ice and salt under the bottom of the freezer and back around the sides, cover the top of the tub with a blanket. When the cream...

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Victorian Hand-Crank Ice Cream Recipes from an Antique Cook Book

The following Victorian hand-crank ice cream maker recipes are from The Table: How to Buy Food, How to Cook It, and How to Serve it, by Alessandro Filippini, 1889. Alessandro Filippini was the chef of the world famous Delmonico’s in New York. And if you thought that Victorian ice cream flavors were limited to vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, read on! Vanilla Ice Cream Boil in a saucepan one pint of milk with half a vanilla-bean; put in a vessel half a pound of powdered sugar, and six egg yolks, and with a spatula mix thoroughly for ten minutes; then add...

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