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Category: Seasonal

Quaint Old-Time Halloween Customs

In North Wales it has long been the custom for each family, on All Saints’ Eve, to build a large bonfire in a conspicuous place near the house; when the fire is nearly extinguished each member throws a white stone into the coals, having first marked it. They say their prayers turning around the fire, then retire. In the morning they pull the stones from the ashes, and if any of them is found lacking, the person who threw it will not live to see another All Saints’ Eve. A favorite ceremony of the Scottish peasantry was Pulling the...

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The History of Halloween

Though spirits, witches, fairies, ghosts and goblins are no longer supposed to trouble us at this time, Halloween, the Hallowed Even of All Saints’ Day, is still a time of merrymaking, pranks and mischief.

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Cats, Bats, and Owls. Oh My!

The cat was sacred to the Druids, the priests of ancient Britain; for that reason it was held in high regard by the early people; so much so that a man who killed a cat was sometimes put to death. The Teutons had a number of gods and goddesses whom they held in reverence, one of the leading goddesses being Freya, the goddess of beauty and love. Cats, bats and owls were sacred to her and were supposed to assist her in her supernatural undertakings. Since they thus became associated with mystic powers it was natural to associate the...

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