Two dutch girls that are vintage salt and pepper shakers carry a lemon in this photograph by Mary B. Welsch

At Night, They Harvest Lemons. Photo by Mary Huggins

Refreshing old-fashioned lemon recipes from Food for the Hungry, an early 20th Century cookbook compiled by Julia MacNair Wright and published in Philadelphia in 1903.


Peel six lemons; roll and slice them, and pack them in a pitcher, alternately with sugar, allowing for each lemon two heaping tablespoonfuls. Cover, and set in a cold place for ten or fifteen minutes before adding three pints of water and a lump of ice. Stir well and long; fill tumblers one-third the way to the top with cracked ice and pour in the lemonade.

Lemon Syrup

Take the juice of six lemons, grate the rind of three in it, let it stand overnight, then take three pounds of white sugar, and make a thick syrup. When it is quite cool, strain the juice into it, and squeeze as much oil from the grated rind as will suit the taste. A tablespoonful in a glass of water will make a delicious drink on a hot day.

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