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Category: Old Fashioned Recipes

Real Sugar and Lemons: Old Fashioned Lemonade Recipes from Food for the Hungry

Refreshing old-fashioned lemon recipes from Food for the Hungry, an early 20th Century cookbook compiled by Julia MacNair Wright and published in Philadelphia in 1903. Lemonade Peel six lemons; roll and slice them, and pack them in a pitcher, alternately with sugar, allowing for each lemon two heaping tablespoonfuls. Cover, and set in a cold place for ten or fifteen minutes before adding three pints of water and a lump of ice. Stir well and long; fill tumblers one-third the way to the top with cracked ice and pour in the lemonade. Lemon Syrup Take the juice of six lemons,...

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Old Fashioned Potato Recipes from Vintage 1907 Cookbook

The following recipes were published in a promotional cookbook for The Malleable Range and was published in 1907. Boiled Potatoes Select potatoes of uniform size, wash, pare and put into cold water to prevent discoloration, cook in boiling salted water one-half hour or till tender, allowing one teaspoonful of salt to every quart of water, drain well, put uncovered on back of stove and shake gently to let steam escape and make them mealy. Baked Potatoes Select smooth potatoes of uniform size, wash and scrub well, bake in a hot pan forty minutes, or till soft, serve at once,...

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Venice Seed Cake

C. H. K., from The Cottage Hearth, June 1877 The accompanying illustration shows a very effective style of icing or frosting combining richness of color and contrast, yet free from any deleterious ingredient in the matter of color. Proceed as follows: Bake a pound, sponge, or any other cake, in a large shallow tin; when baked and cold, turn it bottom up, brush off the crumbs, have ready (prepared according to the instructions for making frosting), enough frosting to thinly cover it. Divide the frosting into two parts, let one remain plain white, color the other any desired color of...

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Authentic Victorian Ice Cream Recipes from Cookery and Housekeeping, 1886

Ice Cream Recipes Source:  Cookery and Housekeeping by a Veteran Housekeeper Published by M. T. Richardson, Publisher, 1886 While some housekeepers prefer the old-fashioned freezer, many others use with very satisfactory results the patent freezer, the best of which we have ever seen is the White Mountain Freezer; it is durable, easily managed and greatly expedites the process of freezing. To freeze cream quickly have the ice pounded into small pieces, put a layer of ice and salt under the bottom of the freezer and back around the sides, cover the top of the tub with a blanket. When the cream...

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