The Dead

By J. A. Edgerton

Under the pure light of the stars,
The dead sleep,
Wrapped about in a silence unutterable.
The ages come and go, like a tale that is told;
Time stretches out to the golden, unbarred gate
Of Eternity;
But the dead sleep on, sleep on.

The moon goes out in the starry vault of night;
The earth dies and returns to her mother sun;
New stars wink in the immeasurable distance of space;
New systems spring from the womb of Infinity;
But the dead sleep on, sleep on.

The spirit of God broods over the Cosmos;
And under the potent spell life springs like a flower.
There is life in a million forms on a million worlds,
Forever progressing from old shells unto the new.

We say that death has smitten the shells left void;

And the dead sleep on, sleep on.

The Cosmopolitan, October 1899.

Photograph: Our collection. “This antique photograph was purchased so long ago that I can’t recall the source. I’m unsure if it is a true postmortem photograph, perhaps an artist’s model?” ~ Mary Huggins.

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