A juvenile selection from an antique reader, The Sick Doll and Other Stories for Youngest Readers, published in 1870.

Victorian woodcut illustration of a daisy

Original woodcut illustration

Spring is Here

Children, this is May!
Come forth all to play!
Hear the young birds sing!
Hear them hail the spring!

Sparrow, robin, linnet, thrush,—
How their merry notes out-gush!
By their songs they seem to say,
“Thanks, oh thanks, for life today!”

Children dear, shall we not be
Grateful as the birds we see?
Come, oh come, from far and near!
Come, and sing, “Spring, spring is here!”

Come and pluck the daisies;
Come, and sing their praises.
Pluck the violets blue,—
Ah! pluck not a few.

God giveth all: oh, learn it in your childhood!
Worship Him at your tasks, with fond endeavor;
Worship Him at your sports; worship Him ever;
Worship Him in the wildwood;
Worship Him amid the flowers;
Worship Him at all hours.

Thank Him for duty,
And thank Him for all beauty,—
For the music of the birds,
For the grass, and for the herds.
Pluck the buttercups and raise
Your voices in His praise.

Edward Youl, (Altered)*.

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