Funny vintage Halloween postcard illustrates apple fortune telling

Humorous vintage Halloween postcard. Check out the little devil blowing out the candle.

Give each guest a large apple. At a given time all cut or break their apples in half and count the seeds. The future is foretold by these numbers: (1) Disappointment in love. (2) Early marriage. (3) Legacy. (4) Wealth. (5) A voyage. (6) Fame. (7) Attainment of one’s most cherished wish.

Peel an apple without breaking the paring. Throw the pairing over the right shoulder, saying,

“By this paring I wish to discover
What letter will name my true lover.”

As it falls to the floor it will form the initial of the name of one’s future mate.

Stick two seeds to the forehead, eyebrow or eyelid. There are several ways of predicting the future from them: they may be named for two lovers; or one may be named “Traveller,” and the other “Stay-at-home;” one “Riches,” the other, “Poverty.” The one which sticks longer tells the fortune, the lover to fall first being false.

Put the seeds from an apple on the palm of one hand and strike it with the other. The number of seeds remaining will tell how many letters the person is to receive in the next two weeks.

The first letter of the name of one’s future mate can also be discovered by cutting a letter into each of the apples in a tub of water.

Photo by one woman’s hands

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