Recently, I attended an adult learn to ride class at Lloyd Hall along boathouse row in Philadelphia. Learn to ride what, you ask? A bicycle! I found myself looking at 50 without ever having learned this most basic skill. I managed to leave the two hour class with my dignity for the most part intact, and perhaps I’m now a smidgen closer to my goal of learning how to ride a bike by my next birthday (April 27th). But this is all a story for another day.

What I really want to share with you are these decorative putti from an old marble planter that I spied close to Lloyd Hall. It’s large, empty, and sits on a patch of grass across the street from the Hall. I should have taken a photo of the entire planter, but instead I focused on the darling chubby putti. If I can summon up the courage to take another bike riding class I’ll revisit and take additional photos.

Visit the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for information on their riding classes.

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