Front page of the antique Victorian children's book Here There and Everywhere.

Title page of my tattered copy of Here, There and Everywhere. Click the image for a closer look.

A stuffed up nose and itchy hands are the price I’m paying to digitize what remains of my partial copy of Here There And Everywhere, a children’s book published in 1895 by the W. B. Conkey Company.

Poorly printed on cheap pulp paper, it’s brittle, without a cover, missing the section on Christmas games (drats!), and is literally disintegrating before my very eyes.

The sad remains of this book have been sitting in a cardboard box for some time, long enough for me to have forgotten why I bought it and for the silverfish to have found it. It really is time to end its suffering; but first, I’m scanning the brittle pages in between sneezing fits. The paper feels like fiberglass and itches as much.

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